The DRPS Complete 3 n 1 Flavor System

The DRPS system is designed to be a short Fill- PG/VG based Flavor system.
DRPS flavors contain No MCT oils or oils of anykind. Just flavor and PG/VG just as you would find in our quality Vape products.DRPS is a 30ml flavor in a 60ml bottle, what does that mean? , well it means that you add your nicotine shot to the 60 bottle.  Why? Well with all the potential flavor bans we at Vaperite wanted to come up with something that everyone could use to keep vaping .DRPS flavors are flavorful and straightforward , we took out the guesswork of mysterious E -liquid bottle names leaving you wondering what’s in there? All of our flavors are food grade , made in a lab ,under GMP (Good Manufacturer Practice) As they have been for almost a decade. Ahhh… here comes the good part you can also add DRPS flavor shots to these to customize your own flavor.  So if you want a Custard with Strawberry ,blueberry, hazelnut or heck anything just add a few drops to the bottle.We even offer a 3 n 1 bottle opener to make it easy.DRPS is also versatile as a Tincture flavor or Hemp enhancer. Check out or CBD Line at for more products and DRPS options.


Todd , Lisa and the whole VapeRite team!

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