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What are E-Cigarettes and why should I use them? Click here.

How long does the battery last?

As a preface, when you receive your kit or a new battery, charge it for 3 hours (or until the light on the wall adapter changes from red to green) At this point, it's ready to use! Enjoy.

Rechargeable batteries may last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days, depending on use and the type of battery. As with anything, heavier use will reduce its charge time, so pay attention to how long they generally last, so you can plan accordingly. To avoid being without a battery, always carry a fully charged spare. Batteries should charge 200-300 times before holding a very negligible charge.

E-Cig models

Most common batteries: 

eGo 650mah battery: 5-7 hours

eGo 1000mah battery: 8-12 hours

Less common batteries: 

510: 2-3 Hours

901: 2-3 Hours

DSE808: 5-6 Hours

For mod users, battery times vary greatly depending on your voltage, wattage, frequency of use, etc. 


What does it mean when the light at the end of the battery flashes?

It means that the battery has just died and needs to be charged. For this reason, it is best to have at least two batteries at your disposal. Over time, you will be able to tell that the battery is running low by a decrease in overall performance. 


Is there an odor when using the electronic cigarette?

If you detect any smell at all in the vapor, it tends to smell just like the flavor you're using. You will find that many people comment on just how good it does smell!


How much e-Liquid do I use when using the e-Cig?

Most vapers use clearomizers or cartomizers. The capacity for clearomizers range from 1.6mL to 4~mL. Cartomizers generally hold about 2mL of e-liquid when fully saturated, whereas cartomizer tanks can hold a significant amount of liquid. Be careful not to overfill any of these, as it causes leaking or flooding, running the risk of pulling e-liquid into your mouth. It's not pleasant... 

What is in Natural, and Regular Vape e-liquid?

Natural Flavorings: Natural flavorings which may or may not contain ethyl alcohol and are based in PG and/or VG.

Regular Flavorings: Articial flavorings, sometimes in conjuction with natural flavorings, which may or may not contain ethyl alcohol and are based in PG and/or VG.


What causes an Atomizer/Coil to go bad? Why do I detect a nasty burnt taste? It's really disgusting!

The most comon cause of atomizer death or a burnt taste is for the reservoir in the atomizer to get too low on liquid.

The atomizer is a heating element, and keeping the wick/filament wet/saturated keeps the atomizer from burning up.

Many people allow a cartomizer, clearomizer, cartridge etc. to run too low on liquid and face the risk of burning the wick or filament. Even if the coil still works, it will taste terrible, even after you add more juice.

The best practice is to top off clearomizers, cartomizers, cartidges, and atomizers as you go. By simply adding small amounts of liquid to keep it from getting low, you ensure more longevity and better flavor.

If your atomizer becomes difficult to draw on or is producing less vapor, you might need to clean it out.


It's leaking! It's gurgling (flooding) when I try to inhale; I just got a nasty mouth full of e-liquid!

This is a common problem that every vaper will face at one time or another.

Generally speaking, leaks and floods are the result of having added too much liquid to your device. Be careful with filling. Most clearomizers have fill lines that, if you carefully watch your liquid level, can prevent these issues from occuring. With cartomizers, the trick is to gradually add liquid. You will learn to recognize when it's sufficiently filled. If it floods, you can remove it and blow it clean into a paper towel. With clearomizers, you can simply pour some liquid back into the bottle the same way you took it apart to fill it.

Check for loose pieces: The mouthpiece, the base of the tank against the tank itself (where the metal meets the plastic/glass). Inside each clearomizer is a coil (The part with the wick) which pops or screws into the bottom of the base if it's a Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC).