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Flavor Concentrate, 6 ml (No Tobacco Flavors)

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Flavor concentrate, 6 ml (no tobacco flavors).


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A concentrated 6ml of any of our non-tobacco flavors for mixing your own vape juices.

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they're always good, less money, more fun to make my own juice

heres some flavors that are good. the strawbery lime(i got it as a sample and still havent ordered it, but im about to because it was oddly GOOD), i personally dont like cinnamon flavored things but my mom quit smoking on her 60th and even tho she LOVES coffee and liked kona cream, she loved the sweet cinnamon, personally, it could have been sweeter for my taste, but it wasnt overwhelming, just not MY taste. ive heard a lot of people like peach and cinnamon(go figure). also, i ALWAYS have loved the natural watermelon from vaperite. the coffee flavor is good. but i drifter away from my coffee and tobacco flavors. cocoanut is good. im not a fan of honey dew(thought it would be really good, and someone at the store recommended it so some people must like it), and chai tea was a little odd. may have been better with a sweetener.

i can't stress enough how much more satisfying it is to make my own e juice. i can choose the right amount of nicotine, pg/vg base, flavor intensity, etc. i was intimidated, i didnt want to learn how to do it. i wanted instant satisfaction. and, sometimes i still do and buy a normal flavor.. but i usually still end up mixing stuff ;) ive been told i look like a mad scientist, and i take that as a compliment(they're just joking), because i can take pride in the flavors i make, and, MOST importantly, i TRUST where the flavors are coming from... ive tried many flavors and brands, several from local stores. dont get me wrong, they're good and there will always be different flavors in different brands, but i found vaperite before i even decided on what e cig to buy. i just wanted the MOST natural i could find.. its still not complete hippy, organic, pure water im smoking. every e juice will have something in it that isnt GREAT of beneficial for the body, but, i dont hesitate to suggest this brand to people. after reading so much online, and having my own experience with juices, im happy my e cig stuff is always 2 online stores. and now, about a year later, i dont sit for an hour or more trying to figure it allll out. i know what works for me (i asked a lot of questions, some to vaperite staff, the FIRST time i called the guy was SO fun to chit chat with. i dont get that usually when calling a store across the country. he was super helpful and in general, my questions have been answered.)so, if anyone is still curious, look on here and youtube.. there are so many videos on how to DIY. and if you cant choose what normal flavors to get, i highly suggest getting the sample juices. i should probably just write a review over at that section. ive been meaning to review more than just these juices.i still have the little bottles and use them sometimes for DIY juice or more so, they fit REALLY well in my e cig case.. i can put 4-5 juices in there..(althogh i stick with 3). just nice. convenient. and vaperite, please dont stop carying strawberry shortcake concentrate. and i havent looked yet, but if you havent, please bring back mystic flavor concentrate? :D i will buy in bulk? i found i skimmed right over it most of the time because i heard the name and didnt know what it was. but, after i looked at the regular juice and gave it a shot, it MADE my juice so dang good..
ok thats a wrap.

marinajoy, 9/25/2013

kona cream is so awesome.

i tried this based on good reviews. i love it. i tried another coffee flavor when vaperite was out of kona cream DIY juice.. good by itself. i mixed it with tobacco juice that i added so many variations trying to get the right flavor it was a hybrid weird...SOMETHING flavor. kona cream helped a lot. i dont usually vape coffee or tobacco flavors anymore. fruit and menthol now, but the first 6 months after i quit smoking i was hooked on kona cream(and some sweeter tobacco flavors too) for DIY, i think this is the best coffee flavor(i didnt check but there used to be at least 1 other flavor, i think 2) if you like coffee, and GOOD coffee, not gas station coffee, try this.

Marina Joy, 8/3/2013

love it love it love it (mixed with citris menthol

i dont know why i decided to mix menthol and strawberry shortcake. i thought maybe the 'cake' part would throw it off. NO. so good! i was a die hard sweeter tobbaco or coffee flavor smoker.. had fruit around just in the afternoon (morning + coffee+the right e juice).. at some point all i craved what my fruity menthol.. its all i smoke, everyone asks where i get it and looks at me with wide eyes.. i tell them "you can make it, its not as hard as i thought!" .. i dont know if this convinces anyone to try this flavor, or mix it with menthol..

but if it helps, i never cared for the menthol fruit mixed gum or mints.. they were... OK. this is 3 X better and i still dont care for the mints or gum.

from earlier reviews of this flavor(dont know where they went), many many people loved it. there seemed to be 3 flavors everyone loved. this was one, from the DIY juices.(kona cream is great also, diy or bought pre-made)

im not even a strawberry LOVER.. this flavor just works. and apparently not just with my taste buds. :D

Marina Joy, 8/3/2013


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