eGo Batteries

An eGo battery is a great starter battery that powers the atomizer.  They are typically thin and cylindric in form. These batteries use a 510 connection that is universal in the vaping world.  We have a variety of eGo batteries to choose from.  They are simple to use and require low maintenance.  These batteries turn on and off with 5 rapid clicks of the fire button.


mAh: This abbreviation stands for "milliamp hours". All batteries have what is called a "milliamp hour rating", which is an indication of how much charge the battery can hold and can help you determine how much life to expect out of a charged battery before it needs to be recharged. Naturally, smaller batteries tend to have lower mAh ratings; conversely, larger batteries tend to have a higher mAh rating.


Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage: Often displayed as "VV/VW" in a product description, these distinctions indicate that the battery has the functionality of choosing your desired power output. Put simply, this gives you control over how heavily or lightly the liquid is being vaporized. The ability to fine tune the power to your preference is an excellent function in a device: you get to choose, whenever you wish, if you'd like to have a harder, "harsher" hit, or a lighter, "smoother" hit. Most of this variety of batteries fall under the "Twist" or "Spinner" descriptions.


Most batteries have the following things in common, regardless of mAh rating of VV/VW abilities:


5-click protection: To turn a battery "on" or "off", rapidly click the button on the battery 5 times. Sometimes, it takes a couple more clicks. What you are looking for is a flashing light. When the light blinks a few times, this indicates that you have successfully turned the battery "on" or "off". When the battery is "on", you will notice the button on the battery light up when you depress the button. When the battery is "off", the button will do nothing. This feature is useful in the many cases when you may wish to quickly store your battery. Though we will always recommend keeping your battery in a closed, crush proof case, we know that there will be times you will need to slip it into your pocket or purse. The safety feature insures not only that the battery is not activating and wasting battery life, but also that your clearomizer/cartomizer/atomizer isn't being activated at random, ruining your coils, and creating a potential safety hazard.


Voltage: Most eGo batteries perform in the range of 3.0v-3.7v. Performance may vary depending upon the manufacturer or individual battery, but the differences are negligible and generally not noticeable. This level of voltage is ideal for most clearomizers and cartomizers. If an eGo battery is underperforming for your taste, perhaps it is time to consider a VV/VW battery. VV batteries generally range from 3.2v-4.8v. Though the capability for these voltages are in the battery, for best results and care of your battery, keep your voltage between 3.7v-4.4v. The voltages in this range will be more consistent and help ensure the longevity of your battery. Naturally, when running at a higher voltage, your battery will drain more quickly than one running at a standard voltage, so pay attention to the difference in lifespan so that you may plan accordingly.


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