The Innovative Women of Vape in honor of Women’s History Month - Peggy Sue Nail

Peggy Sue Nail- Manager at 3d Vapor LLC.

Peggy Sue Nail is the general manager at 3d Vapor, a wholesale distributor of juice lines and hardware with various shops across Illinois.

While her job entails running the locations and purchasing, if you ask Peggy what her true role is, she will tell you she is a teacher. Peggy spends a large part of her time educating customers and encouraging customers to become more involved in what is happening in the industry and in their communities.

 “I've learned that I'm a teacher. I never would've called myself a teacher, but that's what I do all day, every day, is teach,” said Peggy.

 Battery safety is something that Peggy particularly emphasizes when she is teaching customers. This is a topic that is quickly gaining popularity and is incredibly important to highlight. 3d Vapors has a battery recycling program, and they offer discounts as an incentive for them to bring in dead batteries. Carrying and storing batteries incorrectly increases the chances of battery failure, which can cause serious injury.

 Safety is the name of the game at the company, and Peggy and her entire staff—which are predominantly female—are extremely knowledgeable on proper battery storage and disposal.


By the time Peggy started in the industry five years ago, she was already invested in public safety and health issues. She was working in the nursing industry before she was offered a job at a vape shop. She also grew up seeing friends, family, and extended family battle cancer. To now work in an industry that advocates for better health by switching from cigarettes to vaping, it is a natural next step.


Knowledge and advocacy are pillars at the company. When new costumers sign up for CASAA and SFATA in their shop, they give a 15% off the entire purchase.


“It kind of helps them stay on track with what's going on in the vaping community. It teaches them about advocacy, which a lot of people honestly do not know about that it even exists,” said Peggy.


With Peggy and her team educating costumers with their high level of passion, this statement might not be true for long.

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Author,  Angela Betancourt 

March 29, 2019 — Beverley Harris-Alvarez
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