The Innovative Women of Vape in honor of Women’s History Month - Monica Vondruska

Monica Vondruska- Owner of Free Range Vapor

 Monica Vondruska—aka Von Von—is the owner of Free Range Vapor, an e-liquid manufacturer based in Denver, Colorado. Monica has never been a smoker. Monica started in the industry because of her aunt.

In 2008, her aunt was ordering vaping products from China and storing them in her basement. It coincided with Monica finishing school and not being able to find a job. Monica tried to persuade her aunt into opening a shop, but between the stories around explosive e-cigarettes and the 2009 cases, made her aunt want to put the brakes on that idea. When things finally settled down, her aunt told her to move forward with opening a shop. Free Range Vapor was opened in 2013.

 In addition to becoming an entrepreneur, Monica also became an advocate for vaping rights and a voice for raising industry standards. She would like for more people, especially women, to speak up more; not only for themselves but for others as well. She wants to see more people step up to the plate and take action against the forces attempting to hinder the industry. Notably, she believes calling your local legislator is a good place to start.

 “If you're not vocal, and you're not calling them, and you're not emailing them, and you're not doing your own stuff, and you're kind of waiting for everybody else to tell you what to do, they see you as somebody that's going to go away,” said Monica. “Don't give your advocacy power away.”


In her experience, one of the best things about vaping is the level of camaraderie, which makes you feel supported in knowing that you do not have to stand alone in advocacy.

 “I think we're tied together with a harm reduction [mission] and kind of grassroots blood that we have running through veins, that all of us kind of really have,” she expressed.

Strong bonds and her growing network have been instrumental in helping her get to where she is today. She would not be in the industry if it was not for her aunt, manufacturers, and other people in the vaping network that encouraged and inspired her. And she knows that if she stays gold, her future will be bright.

 “Staying gold to me means staying true and staying focused.”

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 Author, Angela Betancourt




March 29, 2019 by Beverley Harris-Alvarez

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