The Innovative Women of Vape in honor of Women’s History Month, Jennifer Higginbotham

Jennifer Higginbotham- Co-Owner of Higgy Cigs

Jennifer Higginbotham and her husband David co-own Higgy Cigs, LLC, an e-liquid manufacturing company, based in Lilburn, Georgia. David, who is the President of The Georgia Smoke Free Association, began vaping in 2010. Jennifer didn't start until 2011 because she genuinely enjoyed smoking cigarettes.

However, after one weekend of using David’s e-cigarettes, Jennifer gave up smoking for good. Throughout the following year, the couple immersed themselves into the industry.

“We were reading all these kinds of forums and articles about DIY, and we're like, hey, we should try this. And so we started mixing our own juice, and it turns out I had a knack for it, like who knew? So we started making it for some of our friends that we had turned on to vaping and they're like, this is so much better than what I can buy in a store. And, yeah, will you sell me a bottle?” said Jennifer.

After making so many products and selling them to their friends, they decided to sell to the public. What started as a side gig at their home in 2013 evolved into a full business the next year.

“I went and got our LLC, and I got our business license and put up a website and made it a legitimate business in April of 2014,” she shared.


Higgy Cigs was born. The first few months, however, were difficult, to the point that they wondered if they had made a big mistake. It was later in the fall of 2014 that they discovered Vapers TV. They saw this as their opportunity to network and beef up their marketing efforts. It was the turning point they were waiting for.

“Our business just started soaring. We were getting orders from all over the world, and all over the country. And really getting our name out there. And it was wow. It was awesome. And then shortly after that, we got our first store,” she shared excitedly.

It has been a very fulfilling journey so far.

“I just really love that I'm helping people. It’s so fulfilling to me. When I get notes on orders or phone calls or emails telling me how awesome they think your product is or how a particular flavor helped them get through a surgery. I hear it all the time, I'm saving these people's lives, and it's so rewarding. I feel like I have so much purpose,” said Jennifer.

Her purpose and passion have empowered Jennifer to fight for the vaping community during a time when the FDA is imposing burdensome regulations on the industry.

Jennifer explained that the vaping industry has disrupted the lucrative position the government has with the cigarette industry. Cigarette packs are heavily taxed, and those taxes go to the government. With an estimated 34.3 million smokers in the United States, the government has been making billions from the tax collected.

“This is what the vaping industry owes them. This is what we've stolen from them right here. $18 billion a year. That's what they want,” she said. “You have to join associations, join Facebook groups, join CASAA, join whatever state association if you don't have a state association, do you have the time? Maybe you can form a state association. Sooner or later we're going to be a big enough force countrywide that they can't ignore us anymore,” she added.

Jennifer is ready for the challenge. For someone who never wanted to own her business, or saw herself as an entrepreneur, she has become a dominant player in the vaping industry because of her dedication, determination, and passion.

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March 27, 2019 — Beverley Harris-Alvarez

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