The Innovative Women of Vape in honor of Women’s History Month - Erica Spivey

Erica Spivey- Vapun Magazine, Known Distribution


Erica Spivey is a woman with many talents. She is a self-taught social media, marketing, and graphic design guru; she is an entrepreneur; she helped launch a distribution company, and now she is making a positive impact in the vaping industry.

Erica's entry into the vaping world began when she started managing social media for a variety of prominent vaping companies.

 “I was doing Steam Factory, Jeetu Vapor, Nick's blissful bruise, and they were the Titans in the industry at the time. It was amazing,” said Erica.

 Her work caught the eye of Derek Dame, the founder of Vape Storm in Idaho, who asked Erica to be his marketing director. Erica and her baby daughter packed up their things and moved.

"I was living in Portland at the time, and I had a little bitty baby and it was like, cool, whatever, let's do it. So that's kind of how it all started. I was just kind of dabbling and doing social media and then learning graphic design and then getting signed on with Vape Storm. I've been with that same company for five years now," she said.

Working at Vape Storm gave her a lot of new opportunities. In addition to being their marketing manager, she helped them evolve into a distribution company, Known Distribution. Erica launched her own company called Primal Elixir e-liquid to fill a gap she saw in the market. She also had enough freedom to launch Vapum, a vaping entertainment magazine, founded by Vapers for Vapers.

 Vapum started in the wake of a rejection. Erica was working with top brands and wanted to do more for them from a marketing standpoint. Writing for a magazine was an attractive option, so she decided to apply to a well-known magazine with no success.  

“I applied to work for them, and they said, well you don't have enough experience. It's like, okay, well I guess I'll start my own magazine,” she shared.


Vapum, along with her other businesses are succeeding. She credits the great relationships she has made during her journey for giving her the business sense and know-how to grow professionally and stretch beyond social media work.

 When it comes to her personal life, the once heavy smoker has found a new sense of well being:

 “I was a pack a day smoker, and I also had heart surgery when I was a baby. So, I have to be really careful with my heart health. I feel so much better. I feel so much healthier now.”

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March 29, 2019 — Beverley Harris-Alvarez
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