The Innovative Women of Vape in honor of Women’s History Month, April Meyers

April Meyers- Owner of Northeast Vapor Supplies, LLC

April Meyers has always taken charge of her own destiny. Throughout her life, her desire to put her talents to good use and her drive to succeed has made her leading figure in the vaping industry. She is currently the owner of Northeast Vapor Supplies, LLC based in Connecticut and has been in the vapor business since 2012.


Though April started her career in the corporate world, she never felt it was a good fit. “In the corporate world, I kind of just felt like so many of my skills went on utilized. I'd never found, an area where my passion was pursued and all of my skill sets were utilized.”

An entrepreneur at heart, she launched her retail vapor store with her husband. April didn’t embrace vaping at first. As a life long smoker, smoking had become part of her identity. “It became part of who I was, like the hand movement, the lung expansion, the oral fixation.” She was smoking a pack and a half a day. But despite how much she liked being a smoker, she didn’t want to die. Plus, her daughter, who hated the smoke and the smell, was always telling her to quit.


Her husband was the first one to start vaping and when April realized it had weaned him off cigarettes she gave it a try. “I got so excited about it because immediately my cigarette consumption went from a pack and a half a day, to no more than two. My whole family was smokers, but I wanted to share it with them, and I wanted to share it with other people.”

April never looked back and has since become an advocate to fight for her business and other vaping businesses in Connecticut. She served as a co-president for the Connecticut SFATA chapter until she took her role as Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association's (SFATA) President of the Board of Directors in early 2017. Meyer's continues to serve as SFATA's Board President and also acts as its Chief Executive Officer, playing a vital role in the organization's day to day operations.

Her passion for protecting vaper’s rights and the rights of industry’s businesses has taken her to the doors of legislators on the state and federal levels. She has also met with FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and the Center for Tobacco Products Director, Mitch Zeller toward the goal of keeping vapor products in the hands of adult consumers.

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Author, Angela Betancourt

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