The Culture of Vaping in 11 U.S. Cities — Part 2

Welcome back to our series of blogs on vaping culture in the United States. In part 2, we will continue our rundown of top U.S. cities and explore their vaping culture.

4. Los Angeles

The state of California has vaping restrictions in place in 87 locations, including LA, though they only apply to workplaces, restaurants, bars, and other indoor spaces.

Nevertheless, Los Angeles is a hotspot for vaping, with several notable expos having visited the city. These include the Vaporize Expo and the BIG Industry Show, a B2B trade fair, welcoming retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

5. Chicago

Vaping is prohibited in all enclosed workplaces in Chicago, except vape shops.

However, there is a bustling vaping scene in the city and a huge number of retailers, indicating the practice is maintaining its popularity in spite of these regulations.

6. Houston

While the state of Texas has begun to impose bans on vaping in workplaces and public areas, Houston is so far unaffected by the new regulations.

In fact, the city is home to many vaping enthusiasts, with several retailers looking at ways they can evolve their establishments into more than a vape shop.

June 2019 will see The Vape Showcase expo return to Houston for the second year in a row, this time at the city’s NRG Arena.

7. Dallas

Like Houston, citizens of Dallas are free to vape wherever they choose. The Vape Showcase expo also rolled into the city back in 2017.

Dallas is not as densely populated with vape shops as some cities, but there are some notable retailers, including several chains.


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Author, William Gaskill 


March 22, 2019 — Beverley Harris-Alvarez

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